Bogus Cosmetics


Please practice precaution when ordering products from online retails stores especially cosmetics and skincare. Reported news stated that these bogus products contained dangerous chemicals that are health hazard when applied.

Even though the prices seems amazingly affordable as compare to the original price on store, isn’t it too good to be true? Notice that the packaging and brand name spelling looks shady. These bogus products are mostly sold on eBay, Facebook, Amazon and even temporary shops. Always return to the original and reputable store websites to verify the authenticity of the products.

If you are unable to afford, there are always dupes from drug stores that produce similar colour or result as per the high end make up since they do sometimes produced from the same manufacturing factories.

Plus, you can always wait for promo discount codes from the reliable websites. I have some recommended a list of retail websites that I would keep purchasing from since I found that their services are reliable and legit.

Why go to such trouble in purchasing bogus cosmetics when you are risking your health?


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