Getting Hitched: 6 Months of Rebellion


You’re a cute nerd but i still love you.

My fiancé find me amusing when I said that since we have six more months until the lifetime contract to be sign, I decided to make my final moments to rebel. He laughed because he knew my version of rebellion is not as naughty as I sound.

I have always been a geek with a dorky career. Loves reading novels before bedtime (read Paper Towns!). I can’t smoke due to the fact that I’ll have full flame itchy rashes. To make matters worst, I just don’t know how to light a cigarette properly. You can imagine how epic humiliating it was when I burn my thumb. How do I know that forefinger is use to flick the lighter and not the thumb. Anyway, told you I’ll bring shame to the rebels. Just let me dig a hole, and crawl myself inside.

Rather than being defiant to whatever nonsensical version I plan, I came up with bucket list for my final bachelorette days. These I can achieve.

  1. Get healthier for future sake
  2. Complete a marathon – 3 marathons done and more to go!
  3. Clean up the mess on my face with better skincare routine
  4. Throw whatever I am hoarding in my room and get organise
  5. Make peace with self
  6. Build better relationships
  7. Start wearing colours other than monochrome ensemble
  8. Stop feeling sorry for being sorry
  9. Travel at least once a year
  10. Fart and just don’t care. Poker face yaw!

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