Benefit Brow Genie

b776813ef1d5fed3616b62836883f50f Eyebrows are the frame of your face. It completes your overall look. I envy Lily Collins on her much acclaimed thick brows, so on ‘fleek‘. I would not want that 90s thin brows to make a comeback. Those painful tweezing then drawing to the precise equation shape which takes forever to achieve. Apparently brows are sisters and not twins.

My mother is against me threading or shaving it. I am glad that I listened to her. I have good pair of eyebrow sisters though some make up artistes have personal issues with them and began to shave it to compliment their make up look. For me, I can’t be bothered to disturb their slumber. But, I do fill in the gaps with eyebrow pencil and a spoolie. Voila! The lazy girl style. This is where Benefit Brow Genie comes into the picture. This application helps us to visualise the appropriate brow shaping for our little bush. Just upload your selfie while Benefit Brow Genie maps your eyebrows and produce your ‘ideal’ shape. It works!  I keep on sliding the before and after to compare the differences.

I can now use this application to learn on where to improve my eyebrow colouring technique. Although now I secretly wish to tame it. If you are interested to make some adjustment, do make an appointment with Benefit’s BrowBar for their beauty services such as $24 for brow waxing by the experts.

Any other good threading salon or eyebrow products to recommend? Comment below!


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