Getting Hitched: Wedding Favours Part I


My initial plan on wedding favours would be a simple snack. Well, I also thought of prayer mat but not all guests are Muslims. So far I found two sites. AliExpress and Equizyte Favors. I prefer the latter since they provided bags for the favours. I found Equizyte Favors sold cute shopping bags! I am eyeing at this polka dots bags, but not too sure of the dimension though.

I wish I am awesome and creative in this little area. Pinterest is an evil site where there is no way I am giving out the honey jars or mocha special concoction because we are obviously lacking of resources.

Ok. I should shut up now. I am rubbish and have no idea where to start. Any kind people out there can offer trusted sources or ideas on where should I begin? A good simple wedding favours would suffice.


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