Where are you, Cream Lip Stain?

Sephora Cream Lip Stain

Whenever I pop into Sephora aka the Mothership, I walked straight to the Sephora’s lip counter to find this naughty little fella. I realise this Cream Lip Stain have been out of stock every time, even on Sephora’s StarHill Gallery. This is an anarchy!

Sephora’s Collection best seller cream lip stain is one of the sought after item in world (I may be exaggerating) since it stays for hours without drying your lips unlike MAC’s Ruby Woo. The colour is flattering that it compliments almost every skin tone including woman of colour. No lip liner required!

I thought of buying online from US – Sephora. But according to vPost, Sephora is one of the restricted merchants. Booo! Also, based on the Sephora’s site, they have restricted the shipment to Singapore. Am I missing something here? The hunt continues until I get hold of it.

Why deprive us from the mothership’s love?


5 thoughts on “Where are you, Cream Lip Stain?

  1. Sephora’s Cream Lip Stains are the best. i got mine in the Always Red shade. 1 layer for a lepak nak-gi-town kinda look, 2 layers for weddings just cos you want your bibir extra merah haha. but in any case, the lip stain will withstand whatever lauk pauk nasi briyani that you’ve eaten – that’s how great its staying power is! go get it!!!


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