Getting Hitched: The Wedding Gift Trays Part II

I was a bit crushed after reading Ana Amalina’s post on her wedding favours/gift tray shopping at Johor previously.

Why did I book my trip early?!! Anyway..

The mission to find wedding supplies is now on. All the way to down town Kuala Lumpur with my fiancé and family. This city is fairly accessible by public transport and a free shuttle bus called GoKL. A week prior, I have printed out Google maps for directions, map on GoKL and downloaded KL Train app. Also, I have research well on where to find a good source for my items since it is only one day trip.


Semua House is a magical source where you will find all you need for wedding gift trays. Is it cheaper or better than Larkin/Angsana at Johor? What I can comment is that the KL is the prime location that holds a huge amount of decorations supplies as compared to Johor. It is all depends on what theme you are going for.

We only went to two shops Kedai Sin Min and Bunga Reben that holds all wedding favours supplies, located on Basement 1. I noticed the trend for wedding gift trays in Malaysia have stepped up. I saw a Styrofoam glued with mirrors as a base that further enhance that your gifts. According to the sales lady (Bunga Reben), it is popular minimalist trend that you can just throw a couple of flowers and there you got it. I did not go for it since I still have my some leftovers from my sister’s supply.


I mostly spent most of my supplies at Bunga Reben. It can get overwhelming when you stepped into the store with all those ‘Bunga Pahar’ displays. The owner is nice for not adding in GST into my haul. If the supplies are not available on Bunga Reben, you can find those at Kedai Sin Min.

Kedai Sin Min located near the same floor but slightly away from the stairs. You are able to notice the displays of wedding gift trays, though you are not allow to take photo on it. The store is much bigger as compared to Bunga Reben. Similar range but they focus more on the trays rather than ‘Bunga Pahar’. I have nothing bad to say about these stores.


Up next is Jakel, that holds all sorts of fabrics. Jakel building at KL have been moved to a bigger venue situated around the same area. 5-6 floors building that holds all kinds of fabrics, ready-made wear clothes to curtains. I have been pushed and shoved by frenzy mothers who intended to buy fabrics for the upcoming Raya. These fabrics were displayed beautifully. I was at awe at their bridal ready-to-wear costume. In the end, I bought a basic satin fabric that will be the main base for my trays.

Direction: Semua House & Jakel are all located around Masjid India. Accessible through GoKL bus and MyRapid LRT – Ampang Line, nearest station: Bandaraya. From the station, walk towards SOGO. Keep walking straight and cross the street to the opposite side (Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman). Walk straight until you find Jalan Bunus 6 then turn left. You will find Semua house building to your left.

Sidetrack. To end the day, we head to Bukit Bintang area. It is impossible for me not to stop at Sephora Starhill Gallery. As usual, I would noted down some items on my phone to make comparison between currencies and bought where necessary. At Pavilion, I noticed NARS beauty counter. The sales/MUA told me that they carry all shades as compared to Singapore with a slight price difference. I am so going buy my well loved foundation there in the future after this whirl wind wedding is over.

Overnight snooze at Tunes Hotel then finally head home the following day.


7 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: The Wedding Gift Trays Part II

  1. Semua House cheaper than JB! I didn’t get anything there cos of the bulkiness and weight though but their barang very nice!


  2. Thank you for this post babe! Now I know where to get my bunga pahar! Because I was contemplating whether to DIY my bunga pahar or buy from KL. My mom wants me to buy instead of DIY because she knows her daughter semangat 2 min only. hahaha.


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