Getting Hitched: Naughty Offenders


Wedding is a million dollar industry as it is one of the profitable medium to sought after. Yesterday I read a post by Nazrin Salim on a conman who impersonating his friend’s company called Once Upon Images. Their company’s reputation have been tarnished due to this despicable individual. A police report was made by the owner Ryan Muhaimin and investigation is ongoing. Those who are affected please contact him directly as soon as possible. May Allah ease their hardship.

This is distasteful and should not be condoned. I hope that all brides and grooms to-be choose their vendors who are registered and not from random social media networks. Nowadays, more crimes are reported when vendor were not professional.

One way is to communicate directly with them by making appointment with the vendors. Face to face appointment is important, so that you know who you are dealing with. Follow your gut if you feel suspicious. Always ask for their business registration number and check on ACRA in verifying their legit business. More info here.

Secondly, insist for invoices as this is your right as a client. Be firm even if you are ‘Perempuan Melayu Terakhir‘. Also, please keep all communication (text, email) and invoices with you. Practice caution at all times.


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