Getting Hitched: The Wedding Gift Trays Part I

Rose Gold Hantaran

Last weekend we head to Bras Basah to look survey around for inspiration on our wedding gift trays. I was actually looking for the old classic  Dyno – Label tag maker. I found only one store that still sell it, next to the lift and ATM. It cost $12! My intention is to tag on my solemnisation favour, ‘Bunga Rampai’. I am so weird in DIY. Old classic label that goes well with rustic vintage wedding theme.

Dymo label

Within the same building at Bras Basah, we entered ArtFriend store to look around. This is a heaven for art students and still does. I found Styrofoam precut into square and circle shapes that can be use as a base for your trays. Remember that trend of placing alphabet initials on bridal room or front desk that are sold on Typo? ArtFriend sold it in cardboard 3D form for $3 per alphabet. They also sell 6-8 pieces of fake egg-shaped plastic in a pack. Actually, it is meant for Easter egg but it can be use for ‘Bunga Pahar’ decorations. This art store supplies are endless.

I recommend to go ArtFriend stores for your supplies or maybe jot down the prices and make a good comparison before going to Larkin, Angsana or just anywhere for your tray supplies. My creative vision for the tray are starting to gather a few ideas on what to look out for. Also, I will be heading to KL this weekend for a quick 24 hours trip on buying tray supplies that are hard to find here. I am inspired to create a traditional yet rose gold theme gift trays. Will post on that soon.

Also, read up on this great blog by Nursaila Norman on deciding which theme of colour that are forever a wedding classics. Good luck!



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