100 days to Beach Bod


Tone It Up is such a wonderful and motivating community. Even though I do not work out for a summer body, my aim is for a better health than I was before. I chose to signed up for free as a member, since it is quite difficult for international delivery. Maybe in the future. Also some super food ingredients may be hard to find here in Singapore.

Their videos are worth watching at youtube. I learnt their kettle bell work out from them. Just do it in the comfort of your room. Let’s start today! See their weekly schedule here.


8 thoughts on “100 days to Beach Bod

  1. hello babe! revisiting this post cos I wanted to say thanks for the intro. they’re so awesome! I have such a fan of Katrina (that’s the blonde girl right?)

    I feel super tempted to buy their beach babe DVD seh :p I haven’t explored the intl delivery deetz but the husband is in LA/SF this month so I was thinking shipping to his office could be my plan B. let me know if you also want to order!

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      1. Ya me too. Girl crush on Katrina. You can purchase the digital download version instead of DVD, so you can watch straight from your mobile or ipad. Easier!


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