Getting Hitched: Bridal Room Part I

Bridal Room

I need quite a number of furnitures to purchase since it is lacking in my current bedroom due to minimal theme. I hate sharing my room. It is my private domain, only my nephew is allow to crash it. I guess there will be war between my future husband due to space constraint.

I have been window shopping online (local and overseas) for quite sometime, searching for a suitable bridal bedding sets. But all I can find looks like those grandmother style. All those designs are mostly patchwork patterns-ish or hotel inspired.

I stumbled upon on one of the BTB’s post on room makeover. She wrote on her woes and a ex-BTB’s instagram. Lace, ribbons and pearls. So inspiring. Even Mia Suraya’s idea was beautiful. I don’t know where to start! My mother said that a bridal room need a satin-feminine style of bedding. Is it? Urgh.. I need help.

So what do I need?

  1. A new Queen size bed frame
  2. A new Queen mattress (Groupon or
  3. Bedding sheet sets
  4. 2 pillows (can be found at Metro or BHG sale!)
  5. A new wardrobe (a ceiling to wall design)
  6. A vertical Mirror (maybe IKEA)
  7. Curtain
  8. Fresh flowers?
  9. Paint

I have been looking at these sites lately:


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