Getting Hitched: Plan while on the go

Since the revolutionary of smart phone invented, we are too attached to our mobile phone. I have to admit, I am one of them. I rely mostly on the apps for my daily errands, and the addictive Candy Crush Saga. Fear not, I do not spam my Facebook friends on the game, promise unless you want me too. Also, I guess I am one of the lonely group people who still love their iPhones.


I think I could hear the Android users jeer at the background. Haha! I have to admit, I am a grandma at heart. I cannot (stubbornly refuse) to learn on how to use the Android phones. Which is also a shame if you know my day job scope requirement. Most apps would be created and launched through Apple App Store before it make it’s way to Google Play. I’m just saying.

Anyway, there are apps that really helps us in making our life better. Especially to brides who just loves planning. That’s me. Maybe I can be a wedding coordinator, hmm. Nah, nope. I can’t handle my own drama moments. OK, let’s take a look at the below are the useful apps that you can download on your mobile. Don’t worry, all of it is free. Your Welcome.

Wunderlist is my preferred app to plan from my daily errands to reminders for my appointment. It comes with a reminder and a quick notification alerts when one of your plans are coming. If you love check list,  this is the one for you. Available for iOSAndroid and Windows.

For IOS | For Anddiod | For  Windows

Google Drive – This is where all the budget documents I use to plan and share with my fiancé. I am that meticulous in calculating where my money burn the most with the wedding preparations. It is heart wrecking. Do take note that in calculating formula that you going to be plan is basic math. Should not be rocket science people. Available for iOS and Android 

iOS | Android | Windows
Google Drive

Flipboard is a personalise magazine style app whereby you can stalk all your bridal related or none related social media at one application. You can link your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds or news. There is no need to switch between apps to know the latest buzz. Just flip it. Available for iOS, Android and Windows.


Trip it – This is my go-to app to plan all my travel itineraries. Flights schedule, Maps, Activities? They got you covered, even sending notification on your email with all your plan itineraries. Available for iOSAndroid and Windows.

iOS | Android | Windows
Trip it

Skyscanner is a great tool to in stalking the best flight ticket cost, hotel and car rental. And there is no additional cost to using their service. They do it sincerely. From budget airlines to commercial flight, they update constantly to give  you the best possible price. Follow up the alert function to get the best price when it changes time to time. I highly recommend the alert function 3-4 months prior booking, and check it on Sunday or Monday. There is a difference I tell you. Available for iOS, Android and Windows.


Pinterest require for no introduction here. All your mood boards for all your vision in planning can be pin. This is a amazing tool to gather all your vision in what kind of decoration want and share it with your vendors. Warning, those pining can be an addictive habit. Everything can be found here, else add in your own pin and watch your boards flourish with proud. Available for iOS and Android

 iOS | Android | Windows
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2 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: Plan while on the go

  1. I personally use at least 3 of these tools!! Trip It, Skyscanner and Pinterest!! Best kan plan plan ni semua. Heheheh. And I’m like you too, refuse to jump onto the Android bandwagon. Kire macam jiwaaa Apple. Lol!


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