Honeymoon: Beach over City


We were browsing around the fair and everywhere we saw was the same destination that stood out. While I was busy collecting flyers, somebody was enticed by those pretty pictures by this company. We dropped by to enquire what were their promotions offered, but only to turn down by one of the staff “you should have done your research, everything you don’t know.” What a B. We pretended to be a noob just to give this unknown agency a chance. Well, you blew it. So we walked away, head straight to the famous travel agency instead.

“Imagine this..floating on Indian Ocean while the fishes minding their Finding Nemo business.”

We both wasn’t expecting to made our decision. After a long negotiation with the consultant, who patiently find a suitable resort base on our budget, we are going to this piece of heaven! I still can’t believe we take the plunge yet very grateful. I mean I always thought that it is difficult to achieve but oh yes!

“Time to tick ‘skinny dipping’ off my crazy bucket list!”

Our joy was shortly interrupted after we signed and paid for the initial booking. Unfortunately, we both opt not to select the default airline for our trip, just to save cost but NOOOO we made stingy blunder. Apparently, the Tiger Airways flights are not available for our dates and SIA is quite limited. Should I cry? I’m hyperventilating, I need a hug and a fluffy pillow. To make things worst, the least favourite airline popped out.

OK, time to find a quick backup. 1. To ‘beg’ my fiancé’s boss to purchase our flight tickets using his KrisFlyer card and ‘silently’ hope that he sponsor us. What? He offered my fiancé on what he wants. But to which pretty much sounds upright creepy. Ok never mind..next! 2. Made a call to Sherman our travel consultant from Chan Brothers that ‘we change our minds, please take us back cause we are desperate for a flight!’ Another option is, well I don’t like it but sometimes you just have to suck it up. 3. Go for that airline and pray for the best. Or 4. Go for a night flight a day before, have a sad sleepover while fiercely guarding our luggage at the airport and then check in as per normal.

So, what do you think? Big decision for the stubborn frugal couple.

Update: So I have spoken to the travel consultant, he will arrange the necessary itinerary including the flight details.


4 thoughts on “Honeymoon: Beach over City

  1. whoaaaaa that tub!

    what’s the price difference like between booking air tix via agent and direct? I think you can call the agency again a few days from now and casually say you wanna ‘upgrade’ your package to the one with flights. if they ask you why (which they may not…) can just say ahh we changed our minds! 💁 don’t need to feel paiseh! 🙂


    1. The price difference between agent and direct source is $100 difference. Depends on how early you book it. Haha! Ok la, I think nak lokek pon da tak boleh. Insya Allah, will call the consultant after he confirm our booking.


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