Getting Hitched: The Invites Part I


Ever since I decided on the wedding theme, I have the general idea on how will my wedding invitation cards will be design. I was thinking of the Rose Gold theme card with glistering gold glitter on it. I can DIY the glitters easily. All I need is to source for a card design company.

So I began to scout for local and our neighbouring state – Johor for their design. I have to admit, local designs are beautiful. From minimalist to rustic vintage inspired designs. But nothing seems to interest me due to the budget issue. I almost gave up until I found KadLawo. If you have not seen them, you are missing out. Their latest designs are on Traditional theme. It is quite rare to find beautiful batik vectors specially created by their designers. Also I read that some companies are copying their design, at least now I know where are the main source of their ‘inspirations’ came from.

As for the travelling back and forth to Johor, it would not be an issue for me as I live in the western part. My fiancé and I visited their outlet (10 minutes walk from JB Sentral) and made our first deposit of booking the wedding invitation cards, welcome poster boards, arrow signs (for directions) and tags (for dulang).

A slight problem we will face is that since we’re both ‘mentel‘ in booking 2 welcome boards (each for our individual locations), we may want to take ‘Save The Date’ pictures. Initially, we both agreed not to have one, as we feel rather awkward to take romantic photos before Nikah. Looks like we have to enquire our photographer for a 5-10 shots of photos, just for that welcome board. We’ll have to see about that.

As for what kind of design did I picked? I will update soon once I have finalise in the designs.


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