Getting Hitched: Entertainment and Such Part I

Entertainment I am not engaging the house music deejay. I have had a hard time in hiring an entertainment services. Most wedding events does engage additional Karaoke but I opt it out. One: Not everyone have a good voice. Two: It required additional charges including license. Three: It is a wedding not a concert, no one steal my thunder. I attained the lists of vendors from Farhana’s site. Below are my short listed and chosen vendor based on my small budget:

  1. Gurindam Sayang
  2. Nobat Kota Singa
  3. Asnisa Crew Entertainment – Booked!
  4. StudioFlux  Singapore

Besides sound and entertainment, there are some weddings that I attended added extra performances that created a lively memorable event such as ‘Surprise Performance’ or ‘Flash mob’. However, this is up to every individual personal preference and budget.

Below are the footage of one of the local Malay dance team, Azpirasi Dance Group that created those good moves. With 55,000 views on youtube, Azpirasi’s dance are both entertaining and appropriate for wedding. Nevertheless, there are other *local dance groups. Watch the video and you know what I mean!

*Disclaimer: I don’t know all local dance company so don’t quote on me on that.


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