Getting Hitched: Unnecessary Mood Swings


Almost every week, I would calculate my budget. Yep, the woman need to plan ahead just for the “you never knows“. One evening, I called my fiancé in a awful stress, ranting on my over-budget wedding plans. It seems like it’s just not enough. I counted quite few times, something must have gone wrong.

Me: I think I over-budget. I don’t have any more money to pay my vendors! 

Fiancé: Err..What do you mean you don’t have any?

Me: I calculated my budget and its just not enough..

Fiancé: What happen to your wedding account?

Me: Oh.. I quickly deposit the amount every month when I got my pay. 

Fiancé: Aren’t you suppose to use that money to pay and not from your normal savings account?

Me: Uh?

Fiancé: Wow, sometimes you can be that stupid uh.. haha! Women..

*Still laughing

Me: Oh….. I know that. Shut up! I’m hanging up now!

Fiancé: I still love you.

Me: Ya I know.


4 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: Unnecessary Mood Swings

  1. Aww cute la you.I also calculate like weekly omg mcm paranoia! But hey better be safe then sorry on actual day especially money $. 😊 TGIF !



    1. Haha ya.. wedding budget planing is essential but it’s turning us into control freaks. It’s our biggest investment (besides our home) that we only get to appreciate it for 5 minutes and it’s all gone.

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