Epic almond fiasco

Ever had that feeling where you get so hungry that you start to crave for a quick snack?

For me, I rely on snacks as a quick relieve on hunger pangs. I used to buy 1kg of blanched almonds (from baking stores) and roasted it myself, unsalted. Eat a handful a day. Initially, it was effective but I got carried away. Happily munching a second handful, wouldn’t want to waste my $11 of almonds. I didn’t realise that almonds was the problem. In the end, my tummy ended up bloated with unpleasant diarrhoea. In short, I became a farting machine for 3 weeks until I completely sworn off almonds. Not a pretty sight.

After a trial test on the epic almond fiasco, I learnt that for better nutrition I have to mix up almonds with other nuts and dried fruits. So I found a alternative snack. Bought this at the local supermarket (NTUC) for $9.90 in 400g. Same eating method, discipline myself this time to a handful. I guess my tummy is normal now. I still need to read up more on nutrition though.

Found this interesting article on nuts.Health-Benefits-of-Almonds1


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