Getting Hitched: Bridal Shoes Part II

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On my previous post, I am looking for an ivory lace with some bedazzle shoes. Sadly, Charles and Keith does not provide bridal shoes. I found and bought mine at Orchard ION – Pazzion. It only left with 2 pairs for my size and I had to have it! Apparently, I was not able to find other shoes similar like mine. Score!

The damage costs me $79.90… it burned a huge hole in my wallet. Nevertheless, it is so comfortable. There is a cushion pad on the shoes. So thoughtful. But I would still insert a gel sole just to be safe. I think it’s lining made from calf leather, so it might prevent abrasion and blisters for my feet.

I plan to wear it (in my room) every month just to break the shoes. I am not proud to say that I hardly wear heels. Go ahead and imagine how I tumble in my room just to walk like a lady. I would recommend any brides or ladies who want comfort yet stylist shoes, go for Pazzion. It is costly but worth your penny. My next concern is hopefully the colour will not fade and in good condition by the actual day.

Here are some bridal shoes that may inspire you, posted by Refinery 29

Image by Refinery 29
Image by Refinery 29

2 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: Bridal Shoes Part II

  1. Pasal kasut I also stress….pasal, I hate shoes, I hate heels, hate sandals. Im most comfortable in flipflops!! hahhahah so dont feel so bad la babe, i lagi rabak. Ikotkan hati nak nikah pakai havainas, tapi confirm kene blacklist! lol


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