Getting Hitched: Woah wait a sec..You engaged for how long?


Almost half a decade. Cinq ans pour être exact. Yes. and we are still together nonetheless. It goes to the extend that relatives purposely came uninvited and questioning my family on whether we are still together. We meet every week, not literally though. So yes. Being engaged suppose to be the drum roll to the wedding day.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t goes so well here in this metropolitan city. Living expenditure itself is expensive and almost every living adult stay with their parents until they decided to get married. Apparently, owning an apartment in your single-hood requires to be 35 years and above. Ridiculous. I know.

Some circumstances were not in our side before. We’ve dealt with every one of it together.

The reality of the wedding planing and purchasing a flat gets so overwhelming that we got cold feet. The responsibilities, the intense finance planing and the lack of savings just push us to the limit. My fiancé and I decided to take a step back and slowly make our pace with the wedding preparations.

“So why propose early when you know you can’t settle down?” No can predict the future. I have seen relationships faltered when couples were so caught up with the wedding preparations and dealing the apartment process that they forgot their main focus. My vision of settling down with my significant other, is meant to be forever, not temporary. So.. just chill.

Every relationship is different, but it is how you find ways to fit with one another


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