Getting Hitched: Vendor Dilema Part I


As a bride to be, the amount of stress or pressure is starting to befall upon me especially when you paid the deposit but they have gone MIA. I can’t believe it happened to me.

As a client, I am not a difficult individual to handle. Self-proclaim much, but I am that kind of person who is able to secure and settled with the deposit once I have made up my mind (and the according to my budget though). Advance booking is a must!

“I can be patience while silently throw a bitch fit in my own space.”

So this particular vendor had gone missing for a month when I tried to call and even private message on their fb page. I private messaged them for their respond to email me the deposit invoice. I wasn’t that angry as the deposit amount was $50. But I was disappointed on their professionalism. I had to start searching for alternative vendors and fork out more money as a replacement.

Finally, my fiancé took the chance to sent a text. Surprisingly a week later, they replied him. And quickly rectified by emailing him the invoice.

So, is all forgiven? We’ll have to see on the actual event then..


4 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: Vendor Dilema Part I

  1. Hugs babe..mayb they were going through some difficulties at that time. I knw as btbs wer all def concerned with the reliability of our vendors bt i guess kita semua have our rough times n mayb that was it for them. Tbh i myself may just jump ship find vendor lain bt mayb just tawakal n pray for the best. Insya Allah they wnt disappointment. Stay positive dear.. ♡

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  2. Hi babe! I think kalau part MIA ni very difficult to say because no matter what happens, when they take our money already, even though its just a small deposit, it means that they are willing to commit to our date and to us. No matter what happens, they can still inform, even if ada emergency ke, something happens ke, they can still explain and inform us. There is no reason to MIA, because that increases anxiety on our part. I definitely wont tolerate that, the most I will kasi them 1 month to MIA, kalau still no answer, then I will most probably jump ship cause that actually shows how irresponsible they are seh….


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