Getting Hitched: Bridal Services Part I

yiInD0b This is our’s (actually mine) chosen bridal company for our makeup, bridal/groom costumes. Peti Solek Bridal is one the sought after bridal vendor today. So, it is no surprise I rushed in to booked them last year in May. A short introduction of the company based on my knowledge, they are run by both sisters who specialise in bridal makeup, hairdo and costumes. Recently, they recruit more MUA in their team to keep up with the overwhelming response. No walk-in are available though. Constant stalking them on facebook and instagram for the latest perfection touch will actually convince you that their service is top notch. What I notice is that, their makeup are simple that emphasis on a statement eyebrow that goes well everything. That is the very reason I chose them. Eyebrow is the IN thing, where it makes you look young. Think Lily CollinsCara Delevingne or Audrey Hepburn. Also, their bridal/groom costumes are modern with a touch of traditional pastel colours. I think they do customise costume with additional charges. As for the groom, my fiancé is able to groom himself since he is a dancer. He have a good knowledge on male makeup as well as his speciality in folding the “kain songket”. He is also a part-time pak andam. Hence, should be no problem for him. But he requested one of his friends to help out just in case.

Why should I do it myself when I am the groom? It’s my day!


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