Getting Hitched: Rumour has it..


Do you have rumours place upon you and the relationship you’re in? Pfft. People and their naughty mouths..

I am very much aware of the current situation especially rumours on me. I chose to keep it to myself and let it die by itself. These are the irrelevant talks made by whoever they are.

Rumour: “She had broken her engagement.”

Fact: Never and never will. Please, I always have a date with my fiancé almost every week since 2009.

Rumour: “No wonder, there is no news on the wedding date after all these years.”

Fact: My sister had her’s recently. And I chose to let them enjoy the moments of a honeymooner during their first year marriage and welcome the birth my nephew.

Rumour: Oh ya…then why they haven’t decided yet?

Fact: We want a lasting marriage till Jannah together. Therefore, we chose to build our relationship with trust and honesty. We take our time, we’ll get there soon enough.

So tell me, how many couples out there had a culture shock on their spouses habits and character after their honeymoon moments are over? Go figure.

Anymore questions? To those filthy potty mouths, shut it. Haters gonna hate.


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