Honeymoon: No idea where we are heading

7740114a6b6c9f4658c1e7ed395d6a32 We have no idea where would we wanna spend our honeymoon. Our budget is not too little nor too extravagant.

We need to visit the NATAS Travel Fair as well as Travel Revolution fair in march and quoted “Honeymoon package?”. We are the kind who wants the lay in the pool all day until crisp or maybe discover new culture.We are open for choices. So far, we listed the below destinations. All in asia. I know. So original. Well, I may take some tips from Bridal Musings.

What I discovered is that for honeymoon package is mean for those married for 6 months or less to enjoy the privilege. So mini-moon can be an option but I have a little slots for travelling as I currently juggling work and study at the same time.

  • Bali – for the Eat Pray Love fans in Ubud
  • Phuket – a villa with private pool
  • Maldives – villa with private pool and access to lagoon
  • Tokyo – go airbnb
  • Bandung – the number one rated hotel

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