10k run on Valentine’s


Did I survive my 10k run?

I have no idea the why do I signed up for this run. I am not fully prepared. In fact, I am noob in this marathon. I had ran 2 marathons so far, and my timing was considered average.

While all lovers spend their quality time, we ran a marathon under the stars. Such a sore eyes, as couples walk hand in hand in the park while we ran in the name of fitness. Don’t get me started with the race pack. Even though I don’t celebrate valentine’s day, but seriously who ran on this day? I can keep rambling on my final year as a single lady is not well spend before tying a knot at the end of the year. Please tell that I am not alone.

“Fear to be last and lack of self esteem”

My fiancé is my source of motivating in this run. He is my pacer. He ran fast for his age, all thanks to his line of cross country trophies . Unfortunately, have been dissembled by his dad. Hah! I huffed and puffed to keep up with him. Umpteen times I told to go ahead and leave me. But he chose to slow down.

“Don’t slow down. Instead, make smaller steps while maintaining the consistent pace.”

So, my personal timing is 1:53:58. Meh, I know. My stamina can last for 30 mins. By the time an hour past, I already started to contemplating on my stupid decision on this race. I just keep repeating to myself that I am not the last. Now, I just need to RICE my precious legs and munch on bananas to prevent muscle cramps. What I learnt is that even the skinny, ‘ideal’ body shape women have lesser stamina, chose to walk while I focus on my breathing and ran on. Glad god is fair.

Tips on 10k for first timers:


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