Getting Hitched: We Will Buy a House Someday

Life is tough for those living in the city. Everyone is on the rush, competitive game face on, bills piling up. Next thing you know, you left with couple of tens for the whole month.

We are middle income range couple. Combining our monthly incomes together still isn’t suffice. All thanks to this cruel world with a hefty half a million price for a flat. We decided not buy a roof on our head in the meantime while slowly prioritise our commitment and proceed in growing our savings. Gambling or applying for loans (maybe illegal) will not ease our troubles, instead it grew even more. There are loopholes of being unemployed for a couple of months and seek pity from the government bodies for additional loans.

Random thoughts started clouding our minds like migrating to another country in seeking better future. It just gets overwhelm as our wedding day approaches. We prefer to be independent in starting our family without anyone judging how we live our day.

Our last bet is just live for a year in his parent’s place, then we will find a place for us.

“Let’s focus on us first, then we’ll buy a house someday”


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