Moisturise with tint of colour


I finally found a good tinted moisturiser with a good coverage. Love!

My favourite everyday foundation have come to it last drop. And I need a replacement soon. Instead of heading to the Estee Lauder counter, I detoured to Laura Mercier’s. I thought of putting on light base on since my skin is getting better. It is said that the tinted moisturiser gives a better coverage than others in the market. Maybe a swatch and shade match to my face would probably convince me and it did.

The probable colour would be in Sand. The lady is nice enough to provide me a sample for the primer and tinted moisturiser. The next day, I applied with a sponge (beauty blender) as instructed. It gave a a beautiful glow yet a light sheer coverage. Hours later, it oxidise so I have to opt for Bisque. It is tad light on my hand but it blend seamlessly on my face.

It is $70 at the local Sephora and beauty counters. I decided to purchase it using my Sephora Black card to enjoy the 10% discount. And this time, I blend it with my Real Technique Expert Face brush for better coverage. I am impress.


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