Getting Hitched: Pre-Marital Course

Nikah Ring

A heads up on what to expect. Let’s do this.

Here in my tropical country, it is advisable for local Muslim couples to attend a pre-marital course. This programme objective is to give a head start on preparing future spouses on what lies ahead. In short, both couple need to understand that marriage does not consist of being busy in between sheets, but it is the responsibility of both parties.

My fiancé and I chose a one day crash course by APKIM, as we would not want to waste time by attending 2 days course with the same fees. It is separated into 2 session, a personalise advise with a religious educator and a group session with a marriage counsellor.

After the programme, I am able to understand my fiancé better and how to deal problems arises in the future. We touched on financial planing, the rights of the husband and wife’s responsibility accordance to Sharia’s Law, common problems and etc. But most importantly, the religious educator emphasis more on Iman in a Muslim marriage. 

Now finally, we are both half way to our marriage life. Nervous wreck. Exactly one year to our Solemnisation and it will be in full speed for the preparation!

In my opinion, it is advisable to attend months or even a year before the Akad Nikah so that future spouses are mentally and emotionally prepared. And whatever advise their counsellor give, it is best to rectify it soon.

A marriage is not something that you can try it out and test the outcome, but it consist of both parties that willing to spend their lives together until Jannah.


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