Getting Hitched: Bridal Shoes Part I


Wedding ring and the dress. But what about the shoes?

I reckon every brides wants a comfortable shoes on their wedding day. Fashion over comfort is a distress call for Bridezilla alter ego appearance. No one wants to deal with her.

A mid-heel, covered shoes. Something that comes in ivory with lace, maybe some bedazzle. Also, the cutting needs to be soft in material not high fashion that you can’t wiggle your toes. Wedding shoes are personal, for me. I bruise like a peach.  I’m all oooh and the aaah of all bridal shoes in Pinterest.

It is hard and rare to find a shoe boutique that specialise in bridal shoes. Luckily in Pazzion made some beautiful Bridal shoes. I found the perfect one in Orchard Ion, but it is not shown on the website. Now I am worried, if it is a limited sale item. I need to buy it when my pay check is in, pronto. Let’s hope that it is available. Will update soon.


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