The last 3 weeks..


August just flew by quickly and September just knock me back over. I am super busy these 2 months.

I just ended a local theatre project as a Sound Operator last Friday. It was an insane 3 weeks. Got a message from the assistant production manager and I volunteer as a tribute! Grab the scripts, wrote down the cues, shuffle the track lists. Laugh my butt off during rehearsals. My actual duty was to give a boost of emotion to the audience and performers. In short, the DJ of the show.  2 weeks passes by quickly and next thing I knew, it’s bump in and show day(s). I am a “Soundcraft Si performer 1” noob.  But learnt a lot, from whatever subs are to quick  reflex in changing plotting sound cues. Thanks Arman and Aloysius

Nevertheless, I am glad and honoured to work with one of the best sought after theatre director in the country. I’m not regretting one bit. Hopefully, it is not the end of my involvement in theatre.

Hello September, the week where I will be in the Institute of Mental Health as a volunteer. Something to be anxious and nervous about.


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