Liquid gold


facial oil

Never have I thought that oil can be use for the face especially oily skin. I was looking for any beauty product to tighten my pores and I stumble upon this.  This French company uses plant base extract products. Liquid gold in a bottle is created by Clarins.  Clarins – Lotus Treatment Oil is a oil for the oily skin. I use this every other night after my toner. It comes in a pipette where you can extract it. Just 3 drops to your face every night. It helps in tightening your pores, regulate the oil glands and soothes to moisturise your face.

It have a strong herb smell that calm the senses before my sleep. I find it overpowering, but I get use to it. Take note that you may have breakouts during the first week of application. This is normal as the skin is getting use to the facial oil.

Is it necessary? Nope. Is it a moisturiser? No, you need a night cream after application.

Retails at aproximately $65 in all major department stores – Clarins beauty counter.

Disclaimer: I have oil, sensitive skin with occasional hormonal breakout.


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